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Fun Food Fact
Garpepano® was originally developed as a pizza seasoning, but it tastes great on everything. Garpepano® should be the first thing you should reach for when your meal is served!
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Garpepano®, Made With The Very Best Ingredients

Joe Cerrato Sr. father of Lou Cerrato inventor of Garpepano wearing jersey number 51.Garpepano® is made of a special blend of Romano cheese, chili peppers, garlic, and oregano. Only the finest ingredients are used. We know that you will love the taste and zest of this new seasoning that makes pizza and all food taste great.

"My Dad, Joe Cerrato Sr., encouraged me in everything that I've ever tried, and he always said to me, 'Son, do one thing and make it the best.' Dad, you would be proud, Garpepano® Italian cheese seasoning is the best! My Dad recently passed away before he could try Garpepano®, so I've added the number 51, which was the number he wore on his jersey when he was a star football player at Calvert Hall College High School, to the logo in honor of him. Dad, I love you. You will always be remembered."
Luigi Cerrato, Inventor of Garpepano®

Customer Testimonials and Recipes

We've listed a few comments about our Garpepano® that customers and restaurants have sent to us. We're adding more all the time. If you have a comment or a favorite recipe that you would like to share, just send us a note at info@Garpepano.com and you'll see it posted here.


Frank Velleggia, Owner of Casa di Pasta."Garpepano® wakes up any kind of pasta! Awesome!"
Frank Velleggia, Owner, Casa di Pasta, Baltimore, MD

"Garpepano® is my new favorite 'sprinkle on everything' spice. I recently made oven fried potatoes with Garpepano® and olive oil. They were so flavorful. I'm not going to be afraid to try Garpepano® on all kinds of foods."
Marge M., Maryland

"There's nothing better than a Lombardi's pizza from New York, NY topped generously with Garpepano®, served with an ice cold beer."
Richie DeSantis, Owner of DeSantis Gourmet Pizza Grill & Bar.Tony M., New York, NY

"My customers and I love the flavor Garpepano® adds to my famous Matthew's Pizza."
Richie DeSantis, Owner, DeSantis Gourmet Pizza Grill & Bar, Perry Hall, MD

"All I can say is WOW, this is my new table condiment, I am trying it on everything now. I'm even sending a bottle to my Mom and Dad for their birthday! Garpepano™ makes pizza taste great, but I particularly like it on salads and with bread dipped in olive oil."
Nino Germano, Owner/Chef, La Scala of Little Italy and Il Scalino Authentic Italian Market.Nancy C., Washington DC

"Garpepano® is a specialty seasoning that is good not only on Italian food, but on all types of food. Just use your imagination! Buon Appetito"
Nino Germano, Owner/Chef, La Scala of Little Italy and Il Scalino Authentic Italian Market, Baltimore, MD
(voted Best Italian in The Baltimore Magazine Reader's Poll)