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is gourmet blend of imported Romano cheese, garlic, chili peppers, & oregano.


Growing up in an Italian family, Founder Lou Cerrato, visited many ristorantes and pizzerias in the Baltimore, Maryland area. Early on in life he noticed that there were always several shakers of Romano cheese, chili peppers, Oregano, and garlic either on the counters or tables. Through his experience cooking in several different Italian ristorantes and pizzerias, he realized how frequently these condiments were being used.

It was an ongoing ritual for Lou and his best friend "Reds" Solloway to meet at DeSantis' Gourmet Pizza Grill & Bar to watch Monday Night Football. Every Monday night the group would order a couple of pizzas. One friend would grab the Romano cheese and sprinkle it on all of the pizzas, followed by others grabbing Oregano, chili peppers, and garlic.

Lou said to Reds, "Wouldn't it be great to combine all of these ingredients in one shaker?"

From 2005-2007, Lou and Reds worked together to develop the recipe for Garpepano™. Through trial and error and many different ingredient combinations, they've been proud to let the world enjoy their original creation since 2007.

Same recipe, new look!

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